Fruits To Remember Inc. is a leading provider of original new healthy fresh and unique gift alternative. Our unique fresh gift baskets are designed for a wide varieties such as corporate functions, wedding, personal gifts, anniversaries, parties, religious and national ceremonies.

Our primary strategic objective is to promote a healthy, fresh edible and at the same time adorable, gorgeous, romantic and unforgettable delightful arrangements.

In each of our two core content areas— Fresh fruit floral baskets and dried fruits floral deigns —our creative experts continually seek to develop new ideas that support the high quality and value associated with our brand. Our designers and art directors, generate an extensive asset library of new ideas and alternative healthy gift products relating to our two core content areas throughout.

Our services include licensingconsulting and providing workshops at corporate levels as well as for individuals.

Fruits to Remember Elements:

Product – We provide luxury hand sculpted fresh fruit bouquets. Our beautiful centerpiece overflow with strawberries, daisy-shaped pineapples, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes. Our luscious arrangements also include strawberries, plain chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered strawberries rolled on hazelnut, and chocolate covered strawberries rolled in sliced almonds.

Design – Breath taking designs are brought to life by our creative artists specialized in flower arrangements. Our design are unique, gorgeous, adorable and meant to leave a lasting impression. High degree of craftsmanship is placed on the shape of each individual fruit piece as well as the arrangement of the bouquet In addition to the look of the design, balance of the nutritional content are carefully considered.

Taste – Fresh fruit bouquets are made with fine fruits and chocolates, as a result of which have very intense but refined flavors as well as subtle nuances of texture. We use the best quality fruit in the market, imported or available locally, for our masterpieces.

Chocolate – According to Muret, fine chocolates are more expensive because they cost more to make. Their intensity of aroma, texture and flavor, however, means that people can easily satisfy their chocolate cravings with only one or two pieces, making fine chocolates one of life’s affordable luxuries. That’s why use F2R uses Valrhona Known as “Ferrari of chocolates”, imported from France, and it is five times more expensive than average chocolate (i.e. Hershey’s).

Smell – Savoring fine fruit begins when you open the arrangement and take in the bouquet of the contents. Our fine fruits and chocolates have a fresh, deep aroma, far more pleasing than the overly-perfumed or sugary smell associated with artificial flavors or preservatives.

Nutrition – It is through the promise of F2R baskets that the concept of sinless pleasure comes to life. In fact, not only they are sinless, but by their very ingredients, are good for you and your health. 

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